Jocelyn Y. Howard
Artist Statement

Sculpting the human form is an active and fierce rebellion for me. My work is a reaction to the shame society teaches us to have surrounding sexuality and gender identity. Each piece is a tangible stripping away and rejection of that shame. I use fragmented body parts often resembling dolls or puppets to emphasize play, discovery, and vulnerability. They also manifest, for me, the patchwork nature of the human experience. I distort the proportions of the body in awkward ways to expose the ungraceful imperfections of our thoughts and desires. Antique clothing, aged textures, and stained surfaces give each piece the sense of a life lived.

Like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, I use my art to dive into a space removed from reality. I want to emerge with a new voice and a better understanding of the world with each piece. And, I invite viewers to bring their own experiences and influences on that trip with me in hopes that they'll create a story of their own.